Friday, November 18, 2016


                is so
                    She is
                      also very
                       funny and
                          is cool.
            Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher I have ever had in my life,
             and I hope she will still be when I get to college in a year.
              Her kids are very stunning as well and herself and I plan,
                  to take her class again next year for my senior year.
                   If I had kids I would put them through her classes.
                     Mrs. Flurry is always in style in the class and it
                       is amazing how she matches her clothing with 
                         all the jewelry and her smile tops it all off.
                           Overall Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher 
                             there is in this entire school and every
                              other teacher she is friends with love
                                her and her kids. I would love to
                                 meet Liam and Lily some time
                                   in the future but I will leave
                                    that to Mrs. Flurry. This is
                                     Bison signing off for today
                                      so keep in touch with me
                                       and the amazing Flurry.

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