Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hello Viewers,

        This is my conclusion on my blog. So far it has been successful according to what I wanted to do with this blog. I have created now 15 posts and don't know if I will ever come back to this blog.
I wanted to do more with this blog but decided not to. What I have learned from blogger in general is it is cool and you can write anything you would like. From other peoples blogs I have learned their writing styles which are amazing by the way, and how they honestly feel. I actually might make another blog on dessert recipes or music.

~Bison signing out for today~

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cat Time

I got Mr. Cat, apparently he doesn't seem impressed at all. 
Poor cat keeps getting into fights too.
He keeps getting bigger, I should cut off his special food (wet cat food).
 He only loves me when I feed him the special food and it makes
his fur so soft, and I hope he doesn't freeze this winter because I want to pet his fur.  If he comes back in the house he has a lot of static electricity which allows me to shock people. Amazing ElectroCat. 
However he needs a bath as well which is fun to do, he doesn't like it but
he will sit there for you and occasionally try to get out of the bathtub.
Why do cats look like drowned rats? XD 
I love my cat anyway even if he leaves a rabbit on our doorstep, or sticks his claws in my shoulders when he sleeps with me. 
~Bison signing out for today (^-^)~

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spaghetti Dinner

         Alright tonight I will be having the messiest dinner known to man--Spaghetti 
Although it tastes really good it is also hard not to splatter red sauce on yourself. 
I haven't had this kind of dinner in awhile because we had a birthday recently and we had pizza for dinner instead of anything else. My month has consisted of chimichangas, PB&J's, chili dogs, and pizza. The last time we had Spaghetti was last month towards the middle of the week on the first week.  This dinner is going to be extra special because our family has been so busy that all of us can't sit down at the same table at once even though our table has enough space. We have been busy with Scouts Venturing, Boy Scouts, and Cub scouts. I have been slammed with three large tests on Monday (-_-) and studying is going to take a while.  
Anyway this dinner looks delicious...yum (^-^).

~Bison Signing out for today see you next week~

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rules- Bison

Ok so here is the deal like many other people I have a set of rules. Don't worry it is only 2 rules.

Alright  Number 1

Don't leave comments that leave a bad impression on others on what they do or post.

Number 2

If you are trying to make a point don't make it sound like nobody cares.

That is the only two rules I have other wise have fun on my blog

Thank you for understanding.



                is so
                    She is
                      also very
                       funny and
                          is cool.
            Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher I have ever had in my life,
             and I hope she will still be when I get to college in a year.
              Her kids are very stunning as well and herself and I plan,
                  to take her class again next year for my senior year.
                   If I had kids I would put them through her classes.
                     Mrs. Flurry is always in style in the class and it
                       is amazing how she matches her clothing with 
                         all the jewelry and her smile tops it all off.
                           Overall Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher 
                             there is in this entire school and every
                              other teacher she is friends with love
                                her and her kids. I would love to
                                 meet Liam and Lily some time
                                   in the future but I will leave
                                    that to Mrs. Flurry. This is
                                     Bison signing off for today
                                      so keep in touch with me
                                       and the amazing Flurry.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Entering this for Out-of-Hand~ *Suggestions?*

Entering this for Out-of-Hand~ *Suggestions?*

                              (о Unwrapped о)
                             //   Bison   \\
People do not understand the real
me, some just look and leave me be
I feel ignored and always the one left out
Washed with depression, regret, and doubt
Valuing withered flowers showered with pain
I always wondered what is to gain
Like a box wrapped in ugly paper
tossed to the roof of a skyscraper
they never knew what was inside
because they judged the outside
Don't look at some one and envy
their looks these people are like
 fish looking for worms on hooks
once you’re caught and reeled in 
turns into a habit, strong as tin
When the box is open and I am  
out, without peoples high snout
determines true friends I will 
be happy so that is the end

My Cat and My dog

MY cat and Dog