Monday, November 21, 2016

Cat Time

I got Mr. Cat, apparently he doesn't seem impressed at all. 
Poor cat keeps getting into fights too.
He keeps getting bigger, I should cut off his special food (wet cat food).
 He only loves me when I feed him the special food and it makes
his fur so soft, and I hope he doesn't freeze this winter because I want to pet his fur.  If he comes back in the house he has a lot of static electricity which allows me to shock people. Amazing ElectroCat. 
However he needs a bath as well which is fun to do, he doesn't like it but
he will sit there for you and occasionally try to get out of the bathtub.
Why do cats look like drowned rats? XD 
I love my cat anyway even if he leaves a rabbit on our doorstep, or sticks his claws in my shoulders when he sleeps with me. 
~Bison signing out for today (^-^)~

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