Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spaghetti Dinner

         Alright tonight I will be having the messiest dinner known to man--Spaghetti 
Although it tastes really good it is also hard not to splatter red sauce on yourself. 
I haven't had this kind of dinner in awhile because we had a birthday recently and we had pizza for dinner instead of anything else. My month has consisted of chimichangas, PB&J's, chili dogs, and pizza. The last time we had Spaghetti was last month towards the middle of the week on the first week.  This dinner is going to be extra special because our family has been so busy that all of us can't sit down at the same table at once even though our table has enough space. We have been busy with Scouts Venturing, Boy Scouts, and Cub scouts. I have been slammed with three large tests on Monday (-_-) and studying is going to take a while.  
Anyway this dinner looks delicious...yum (^-^).

~Bison Signing out for today see you next week~

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