Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hello Viewers,

        This is my conclusion on my blog. So far it has been successful according to what I wanted to do with this blog. I have created now 15 posts and don't know if I will ever come back to this blog.
I wanted to do more with this blog but decided not to. What I have learned from blogger in general is it is cool and you can write anything you would like. From other peoples blogs I have learned their writing styles which are amazing by the way, and how they honestly feel. I actually might make another blog on dessert recipes or music.

~Bison signing out for today~

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cat Time

I got Mr. Cat, apparently he doesn't seem impressed at all. 
Poor cat keeps getting into fights too.
He keeps getting bigger, I should cut off his special food (wet cat food).
 He only loves me when I feed him the special food and it makes
his fur so soft, and I hope he doesn't freeze this winter because I want to pet his fur.  If he comes back in the house he has a lot of static electricity which allows me to shock people. Amazing ElectroCat. 
However he needs a bath as well which is fun to do, he doesn't like it but
he will sit there for you and occasionally try to get out of the bathtub.
Why do cats look like drowned rats? XD 
I love my cat anyway even if he leaves a rabbit on our doorstep, or sticks his claws in my shoulders when he sleeps with me. 
~Bison signing out for today (^-^)~

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spaghetti Dinner

         Alright tonight I will be having the messiest dinner known to man--Spaghetti 
Although it tastes really good it is also hard not to splatter red sauce on yourself. 
I haven't had this kind of dinner in awhile because we had a birthday recently and we had pizza for dinner instead of anything else. My month has consisted of chimichangas, PB&J's, chili dogs, and pizza. The last time we had Spaghetti was last month towards the middle of the week on the first week.  This dinner is going to be extra special because our family has been so busy that all of us can't sit down at the same table at once even though our table has enough space. We have been busy with Scouts Venturing, Boy Scouts, and Cub scouts. I have been slammed with three large tests on Monday (-_-) and studying is going to take a while.  
Anyway this dinner looks delicious...yum (^-^).

~Bison Signing out for today see you next week~

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rules- Bison

Ok so here is the deal like many other people I have a set of rules. Don't worry it is only 2 rules.

Alright  Number 1

Don't leave comments that leave a bad impression on others on what they do or post.

Number 2

If you are trying to make a point don't make it sound like nobody cares.

That is the only two rules I have other wise have fun on my blog

Thank you for understanding.



                is so
                    She is
                      also very
                       funny and
                          is cool.
            Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher I have ever had in my life,
             and I hope she will still be when I get to college in a year.
              Her kids are very stunning as well and herself and I plan,
                  to take her class again next year for my senior year.
                   If I had kids I would put them through her classes.
                     Mrs. Flurry is always in style in the class and it
                       is amazing how she matches her clothing with 
                         all the jewelry and her smile tops it all off.
                           Overall Mrs. Flurry is the best teacher 
                             there is in this entire school and every
                              other teacher she is friends with love
                                her and her kids. I would love to
                                 meet Liam and Lily some time
                                   in the future but I will leave
                                    that to Mrs. Flurry. This is
                                     Bison signing off for today
                                      so keep in touch with me
                                       and the amazing Flurry.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Entering this for Out-of-Hand~ *Suggestions?*

Entering this for Out-of-Hand~ *Suggestions?*

                              (о Unwrapped о)
                             //   Bison   \\
People do not understand the real
me, some just look and leave me be
I feel ignored and always the one left out
Washed with depression, regret, and doubt
Valuing withered flowers showered with pain
I always wondered what is to gain
Like a box wrapped in ugly paper
tossed to the roof of a skyscraper
they never knew what was inside
because they judged the outside
Don't look at some one and envy
their looks these people are like
 fish looking for worms on hooks
once you’re caught and reeled in 
turns into a habit, strong as tin
When the box is open and I am  
out, without peoples high snout
determines true friends I will 
be happy so that is the end

My Cat and My dog

MY cat and Dog



Monday, November 14, 2016

Amazing visit in Branson

Lately, my amazing teacher told us about her trip in Branson with her children. Which is reminding me of last year when I went. She saw a play I had not gone to and silver dollar city. I did things she didn’t do, point is there is a lot of things in Branson that people can’t fit in a single weekend. There are hotels with pools, plays, racetracks for go carts, a ferris wheel, ripple’s believe it or not, hannah’s castle of mirrors,amazing restaurants, a slingshot, lakes, golf courses, gift shops, caves, military planes, and more. I not only went to Branson in a single weekend but also went to Eureka  
Springs in Arkansas. We went to a little restaurant there and had the best chicken and chocolate cake ever. We stayed in a hotel for a day there and went swimming in the outdoor pool. I saw the play SIX back in Branson, which was a bunch of guys beat boxing popular songs. Their talent of making music with there mouths is amazing. If you want me to prove that I went I still have my ticket with the seat number. 

The guy with the orange color and funky hair is named Curtis
Blue guy is the youngest guy his name is Lynn
Yellow guy his name is Kevin
Purple guy(not Fnaf purple guy) is named Owen. He is the low bass.
Red guys name is Barry
Green guy is named Jak

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Free Write about Change

Hello, Fellow Viewers

Its Bison checking in today for a free write about change~
You will always be

Strengthen up young boy 
you need to be stronger 
to be who you dream to be 
not I, nor why but you will see
Soon enough from the edge of hell
Down to the depth of the wishing well
Your mom told me she would always love you
No matter who you are or what you become
But don’t let anyone tell you what to do
You will always be a hero to me 
even without strength or will
nor intelligence or sweet 
you will always be sweet to me
you will always be smart to me
And no one can drag you down 
if they do I go with you 
because you will always be a hero to me
Your dad told me he was proud 
and all his life he worked 
to make you look up to him 
and you did and you vowed 
to be who your dad wanted you to be
but he was taken away recently and you lost your faith
I wanted to let you know
that life is hard and nothing is fair 
life is as brittle as people’s uncut hair
and no one can tell you maybe
because you will always be their baby

~and Bison is signing out see you later~(^-^)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Child

My Child

My child would be sweet and kiss me on my cheek so softly
I would grow her up into a beautiful flower so she does not wilt
I would build her up piece by piece like making a quilt
I would see her smile, pretty as the sunset and I would let
her roam in my backyard and play with my dog
and she would get dirty and chase the frogs 
Then I will go out with her every summer night
and catch fireflies and watch them fight 
just to get out of the jar and we would take them far
and high and let them out one by one 
saying what we love after every firefly we let out
I would give her ice cream and she’d say can I have another one
We would go back home and I would tuck her in 
she would say goodnight mommy today was fun
I would sit with her as she fell to sleep 
as this summer wind softly sweeps 
her dreams away
Tomorrow is another day
especially with her by my side

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Attention Nightcore Lovers!

Here is a one hour mix to listen two if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rNK8n2IxnM 

and here is one of my newest releases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khv_lfZkgaA
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbq_tnWOsGg

Have Fun and Keep Listening to Nightcore

~From: Bison~

Update Status

Hello, Viewers

~This is Robyn Bryson talking to you from the other side of the screen~

Update on my status feeling a lot of pain. 
Recently a few days ago I had a bad day at school but I maintained a smile. Going from Writers Workshop to Choir I got elbowed in the face above my eye giving me a migraine; in choir class I set my bag down and pulled out my black binder that held three songs. I put my binder on a shelf with a bunch of awards and pictures for only one millisecond. The shelf fell like someone pushed it from behind me but no one was there. The awards fell the pictures fell; one picture and one award broke in two pieces. Everyone looked at me thinking I purposely did it, but it was an accident. Then after that happened I felt a hard poke in my right side of my rib cage, but no one was near me. Sharp pain is still in the area and has now spread to the front rib, even though I experienced this pain yesterday. I feel literately like I am dying from the inside and I don't know if my pain will go away. So for now I will continue to be positive and keep a smile no matter how hard and intense the pain gets. 
~Robyn Bryson signing out for today ~

Please do not Hate what I say

Please do not Hate what I say 

More about me

Hello, My name is Robyn Bryson and I created this blog because I like talking about things. 

 My nickname is Bison if you do not know,  I got this name from Julie Lakey and my friends all call me it. 


Yes, a Buffalo
But strong in the heart,
In the mind and all around.
Heart runs free across the Kansan Plains,
Mind set up in the clouds,
Not caring about life at all.
My Nickname is Bison,
Given to me by someone special.
Her name to me is like the sound,
Of the herd bolting into the sunset.
Although many of my kind are taken,
And beaten until death, used for weapons,
Used for tools and clothing but I still stand.
They used our horns for jewelry which reminds,
Me of her, and they make the necklaces with beads.
Each bead I count for her, each one describes
Her personality~ Kindness, Helpful, Love-able, Loyal
Amazing, Calm, Reverent, Obedient
Cheerful, Clean, Thrifty, and last but not least
She is my summer sunset,
When the darkness fold over me.
She is my inspiration of the stars,
When I lie down with my family.
I always think of her until my day is to come,
Until each one of the herd falls,
For that is when I am gone.
I stand for everyone until death.
The Buffalo demonstrates Loyalty ,
Not only to himself/herself but to everyone.
My enemies are the hunters that take,
and drag my families hope down one by one.
They go until I am left alone,
but still I stand on all four legs.
For if I fall there is always that one special,
person who is strong enough to pick,
Me back up.

This is Robyn's Blog (Introduction)

Welcome to Robyn's Blog where I talk about random things on my mind. I also do requests and will write about other random things. (We are all Mad here).
So share away and Welcome to the Family of Bison!

Background: My motivation to choosing this blog is because this is where you can talk about random things. From Politics to puppies and kittens you can talk about anything on this blog.
This house consist of anime, cats, technology, sports, puns, Under-tale, music, people, politics, and the fun stuff.
So to strip this blog to the "bone"
It is a blog about Me and me talking about random things.